“Living in a World of Universal Deception, we will soon find out that something simple as telling the Truth, is suddenly regarded as Revolutionary.”

Whew! How fast did last year not “fly” by us? Unbelievable as it may seem, but we are already in 2017.

It is a time of joyful celebration with family and friends and of giving that “all important” gifts of love to those whom we hold so dearly.

One would therefore think that “love, peace and happiness are all around us”. But this was a very strange and difficult year, and it will surely go down in history as one of the most challenging and chaotic of recent times.

Dominating the news for many months had been the Syrian and other Middle Eastern Wars; the death of innocent children during bombing raids; the Refugee Crisis and mass migration into Europe; the drowning of children trying to cross the Mediterranean; the increasing threats and incidents of International Terrorism; severe Weather patterns that caused droughts, fires and floods on a massive scale.

Throw into the mix an earthquake or two and one will quickly realize just how disastrous 2016 actually were.

But very few people are aware of just how close the World in 2016 came to a Thermal Nuclear World War 3. Russia, China, the USA, North Korea and Iran had all been (quietly) preparing for it as it had seemed imminent at the time. Even President Vladimir Putin came out to openly state that a War between Russia and the United States was inevitable.

Much of the global citizenry of the World were however, either (a) completely ignorant of; or (b) oblivious of; or (c) simply did not care about the looming and imminent danger……………………… and for which part most people simply continued on their “merry way” as if there were absolutely nothing to worry about in relation to the day of tomorrow.

Indeed, a good portion of our global population these days suffer from what is commonly referred to as the “Ostrich Syndrome” – being in complete denial of the obvious truth and basically mimicking what an Ostrich does when danger approaches: by sticking its head in the sand / hole in a feeble effort to forget all about it.

In this regard many people are simply too afraid to acknowledge the Truth, as they do not want their false illusions destroyed. They simply put their “faith” in other human beings – such as our current global leaders – to sort out the absolute mess that the World finds itself in today.

And sure, maybe we have “dodged the bullet” for the moment and maybe we have “bought ourselves a bit more time”. But alas, it is unfortunately all temporary; and a false illusion has been created that all will be well and that there are no consequences for our reckless behaviors of the past.

Even with the likes of ISIS / ISIL now seemingly being defeated in Syria and Iraq, we can be assured that our troubles are far from over. It is but only the Beginning of Sorrows.

What is indeed clear is that none of the many challenges that our World is faced with today have been resolved by any politician. The immediate and visible “symptoms” of the looming disasters may have been masked and hidden away for the moment, but the problems facing our World are still very much there and nobody seems to have any idea of what to do about it – least of all our current Global Leaders.

They have in the name of “Political Correctness”, encouraged us to ignore the Laws of God and to basically be and do whatever we want……………to such a point of stupidity where mothers are now insisting on their Right to have sex with their sons and as a method of promoting “Sexual Diversity”. What next??

Global Politics have been corrupted to the very core and our political leadership has become part of the problem; instead of offering to us a meaningful and lasting solution. It is in this regard that the lyrics of a well-known children song come to mind:

“The wheels on the bus go round and round….round and round…………”

During times of Elections those very politicians will make promises of bringing about “Change and Prosperity” to everyone; but once getting elected it is simply “business as normal” and of which ONLY the Global Elite will benefit.

Has anyone ever bothered to fact-check the number of promises that politicians make during Elections; and how all of that turns into useless lies soon after they had taken Office? It is almost scary to see that nobody really “bats and eye” about that anymore – as we have over many years been conditioned to accept the lies and deception by politicians as being the norm, and just something that all politicians do anyway?

The simple fact is that Politicians lie; they lie a lot; and they lie about almost everything. It is then no wonder that these days almost nobody believes a word that comes out of their mouths anymore.

A simple question that comes to mind: Why do the voters not hold to account those whom they have elected? Surely they can institute a Class Action and/or a Civil Law Suit against a Sitting President after he/she had broken the promises that he/she had made to them before being elected?

History has shown us that many a Political Leader, once elected, are seduced by arrogance, power and money and thereby will fall victim to their own “ego” and “greed”. The very same people who had elected them are soon forgotten and become a “mere nuisance” unto them.

Let us no longer fool ourselves: Our World is in trouble and humanity is on the brink of a major Disaster. But where the hell are our Political Leadership in all of this and whatever has happened to their ability to think rationally…………… whereas they all seem to act more like Aliens than Humans nowadays?

So yes, many of us are desperate and also hopeful that President Elect, Donald Trump will reign in a new era of jobs, peace and prosperity; not just for America, but also for the rest of the World. Some people may not like him and many may not agree with his mannerisms – but he has a good record as a businessman and at the very least: he brings a “refreshing” and a “new approach” to the boring stage of global politics that we had gotten so used to over recent years.

The only questions in regards to President Elect, Donald Trump:

  1. Will he actually make it into office? There are still a couple of weeks to go until his official Inauguration as President; and already there have been calls from powerful individuals/groups/organizations and even other politicians for his assassination;
  2. Will he be able to stand his ground against the Global Elite and what they had planned for the New World Order; or will he in the end also succumb to pressures and simply join the Elitest Club?
  3. Will he be able to undo any / all of the damage that had been effected to our World system over many years before?
  4. Will the Leftist, Progressive Liberals ever stop whining and allow him to do his job or will they continually create “obstacles” that will see a President Trump essentially become a “Lame Duck” in Office?

It is certainly not the intention to blog about all that which is doom and gloom in the World. We must also take care not to engage in unnecessary “fear-mongering”.

The reality of the matter is that none of us are prophets and that none of us have a magic “crystal ball” through which we can see into the future. Nevertheless and since we are an organization that strives to promote GLOBAL PEACE, the “Noble African Foundation” also operates a “Think Tank” and by which we do critical analyses and interpretation of current and relevant issues happening in the World right now.

Furthermore and in pursuit of our mandate, we will therefore not shy away from controversial issues, nor will we hesitate to voice concern and criticize where it is necessary to do so.

In this regard we strongly feel that our “Global Leaders” still have it wrong in relation to a number of critical challenges of the World; and we therefore feel it our duty to make people aware of a possible disastrous 2017 and in particular in relation to the following:

  1. The Global Economy is based on a very flawed system and is clearly on the verge of collapse. The system has been broken for a very long time and operates like one giant “Ponzi Scheme”. If and when the collapse thereof happens, one can expect hardship; suffering; food shortages; water shortages; empty shops; looting; rioting; civil disobedience; extreme violence and a possible Global Martial Law – which will in turn and thereafter see the formation of a New World Order;
  2. A dramatic increase in International Terrorism – with the civilian population in many countries living in absolute fear;
  3. Numerous natural disasters, but of which one in particular will be so significant that it will affect the entire World;
  4. A full scale attack on Israel by some of its neighbouring countries.

Please Note that we could be wrong about any / all of the above, and that indeed we do absolutely hope that we are dead wrong. There are however numerous and obvious warning signs that exists today and of which we can simply no longer ignore.

It has for instance and in recent months become abundantly clear that someone or something, somewhere is “pushing hard” for the implementation of a “cashless society” – one in which our everyday lives will be controlled and monitored by a “Biometric Identification System” that watches our every move; and whereby anyone who opposes the “New World Order” will simply be “erased” from participating in any economic system.

So too has it become obvious that there now exist an international call by the Global Elite to silence the voices and criticism of the civilian population – branding anything that anyone says and of which is not in accordance with the “official narrative” to be “Fake News”. This being just the latest “Designer Label” that will be used by the Elite to impose a system of global censorship on the Internet and the Social Media.

So yes, something is unfortunately very wrong and we find ourselves living in a time where “Stupidity defies all Logic”. In this regard there are some ominous signs in the World that are indicative of things to come. We may therefore well be in for some very tough times and immediately ahead of us.

There is some good news though: in that many amongst the ordinary people of the World are actually starting to AWAKEN and are thereby asking some very tough questions from the Global Political Leadership. Who knows whether that will make a difference or whether it could help change lanes from the disastrous path that we had been set upon? We will just have to wait and see.

“The Day of the Lord is near; the Day when destruction comes from the Almighty. How terrible that day will be…………………” (Joel 1:15, Bible Scriptures)

Martin Hall, Foundation President