(An open Letter to the Global Leaders)

I am but a simple person; a “nobody” really and definitely not that important; in fact, just one of many millions of other ordinary people who roam the planet.

But I do have a soul that yearns for more Righteousness and Godliness; and I do have a heart that bleeds compassion and love for my fellow human beings who are faced with hardship and suffering – irrespective of who they are and regardless of their race, religion, nationality, culture, sex or the color of their skin.

And so too do I have a brain, which gives me the ability to interpret and to analyze that which I see happening in the World right now – all of which allows for critical thinking, and from which I can formulate an honest opinion and voice my concern when necessary.

It is then in this regard that I am writing to you today: Not to insult you; nor to apportion blame to any one of you in particular; nor to unfairly criticize you – but rather out of deep concern for those very bad things that are unfolding in the World today and in an effort to promote global peace by pointing out to you the very obvious.

It is in fact my duty, and so too that of all other sober minded people, to stand up and to be counted; to speak out against all these horrific things that are so very wrong in our World; and of which can but only lead to a disastrous conclusion for the whole of mankind. For if we don’t speak out now: we will most certainly not be able to live with our own conscience, and so too will history  judge us harshly.

And so it is that today we have awakened to the uncomfortable reality: The World no longer finds itself at a cross-road, but instead that we have now reached the very end of the “rail-tracks”; and looming right in front of us is a sure collision with ABSOLUTE DISASTER.

We have no other choice but to “slam on the breaks”, and to carefully rethink that which is going to be our next step…………….. as it may very well be the last one that we will ever take.

There are a number of critical conflicts that immediately threatens the World today – any of which could deliver the spark necessary to initiate Armageddon: The threat of global terrorism by the likes of ISIS, Al Qaeda, Boko Haram and Al Shabaab; Russia’s annexation of Crimea; China’s insistence of expanding the erection of military bases on man-made-islands in the South China Sea; North Korea’s insistence on building their own atom bomb; and just lately, India and Pakistan heading towards a full-out conflict and possible tactical nuclear strikes against each other.

But it is the seemingly endless wars in both Syria and in Yemen that has touched my heart deeply – and in particular the senseless slaughtering of thousands of innocent women and children.

How can this possibly be right and how can we, the collective citizenry of the World, continue to let this happen without calling you, our Global Leadership, to order?

Have you all lost your minds? You have been elected “by the people and for the people”; to serve us to the best of your ability and to put our well-being first. But instead you are going about your business like a bunch of “drunken fools” – and have managed to re-package “Stupidity” under the guise of “Political Correctness” and of which you are trying to sell to us as something that is “good for mankind”.

Let us therefore not try to “sugar coat” the absolute catastrophe that has unfolded in the Middle East – and in particular the conflicts in both Syria and in Yemen that have become a CESTPOOL of propaganda, lies, deception and hypocrisy.

Some experts propose that the first shots of World War 3 have in fact already been fired – and with Syria now merely serving as the chosen battle ground. It could take only one more mistake or just one more bad decision by any of you before the whole World gets turned into a “Nuclear Wasteland”.

The obvious questions therefore being:

What are you all doing there and what are your respective hidden agendas? Is it about an intended oil/gas pipeline from Qatar to Europe or is it about the significant oil reserves and other mineral wealth found within the Golan Heights?

Last time we checked, Syria was still a sovereign country with a democratically elected President – which begs the question of how so many of you can simply fly your war-planes into sovereign airspace in order to bomb a particular country – when in fact there is no UN Resolution that gives you the authority to do so?

Is that not against International Law and regarded as an Act of War?

And what’s with the term “moderate rebel”? Is it not true that in your own countries, if anybody dares to take up arms against the government and tries to overthrow it – then such a person(s) will surely be regarded as a terrorist and once captured, will be tried for Treason and in all probability executed?

And could the actions by those countries that arm, train and fund the rebels to overthrow their respective governments not be regarded as an Act of Aggression and a “War by Proxy”?

The argument put forward by some that you are merely trying to effect regime change in an effort to remove an “evil Dictator”, also makes no sense – as there are numerous other Dictators throughout the World – but we certainly don’t see you attacking or bombing any of them?

Did you not learn from your mistakes in Afghanistan, Iraq, Libya and Somalia? What were in fact left behind in the wake of your interventions there: utter chaos, destruction, endless suffering………………….. and the death of many thousands of innocent people and also that of brave soldiers. The whole of the Middle East were in fact destabilized. So what makes you think that you will achieve any different an outcome this time around and by the removal of the current Syrian and Yemenis political leadership?

All of this is truly insane; it makes no sense and can surely not be right. It would seem that the only ones benefitting from this unfolding catastrophe in the Middle East – and at the expense of the many thousands of suffering women and children – are in fact the billion dollar Arms Industry. And indeed just by looking at the various billion dollar arms sales that are currently ongoing between certain countries directly involved in the Middle Eastern conflicts – it would be logical to conclude that “War is indeed very good for Business”.

How very sad that the Global Political Leadership of 2016 has apparently been captured by “big business” and as such has been corrupted to the very core………………..and also to such an extent that the normal citizenry of the World can hardly believe a word that comes from your mouths anymore?

The New World Order that you so long and strive for and of which so many of you had alluded to in recent times – has in fact turned out to be A New World (Dis)Order. But what were the realistic chances of it ever succeeding anyway, if in fact the very same people that had been responsible for the disastrous decisions of yester-year, were also the architects behind the design of this new structure?

Let us not fool ourselves: We are indeed in desperate need of a New World Order – but surely not the one which you have planned and not in the manner by which you are trying to bring about its implementation.

We, the human race, have run out of time and we are facing a CRISIS like never before in history; but just maybe there is ONE FINAL CHANCE for us in which to redeem ourselves and by which way we can avert the seemingly inevitable.

Therefore and just in relation to the ongoing conflicts in the Middle East, will the following actions not maybe be a better idea?

  1. Stop Bombing Syria – The US and its allies AND Russia and its allies should immediately seize all bombing and military action in Syria…………..and GET OUT! All of you. How can those very countries which are essentially responsible for the destruction of Syria be trusted to bring about peace or to broker a peace-deal? They further all harbour ulterior motives and are driving their own geopolitical agendas in respect of the Middle East. They have further all been tainted and therefore have lost all credibility and legitimacy.
  2. Peace Keeping Force – A very large and truly international peace keeping force operating under the authority of the UN must immediately be dispatched to Syria for purposes of intervention. Only troops originating from “untainted countries” must serve in the proposed peace keeping force and they must be authorized to use deadly force against anyone (whether government or rebels) who continue to wage war or instigate violence.
  3. Disarm the Rebels – Stop playing with words. All the rebels fit the definition of terrorists and as such should be neutralized and/or eradicated. They should be given a 72 hour grace period in which to surrender and to lay down all arms – and for which purpose blanket amnesty against prosecution should be granted to all of them. If they fail to do so, they must accept the consequences.
  4. Kill the Remaining Terrorists – Any Group or person who refuses to lay down their arms during the 72 hour grace period must be regarded as a terrorist and the International Peace Keeping Force, under UN Resolution and with the full backing of the whole World, must go after the said terrorists and “wipe them off the planet” with all means at their disposal.
  5. Government Troops – The Syrian military troops must all withdraw and be confined to their barracks while the International Peace Keeping Force conduct the “sweeping” and “clean up” operations in Syria from all remaining terrorists / terrorist groups. All military aircraft of the Assad regime will remain grounded during this period and the Assad regime should no longer bomb its own citizens. The Syrian Military will only be allowed to act in assistance to the UN International Peace Keeping Force and ONLY when called upon during an emergency.
  6. President Bashar al-Assad – President Assad must agree to call a national referendum within 90 days after “reasonable peace and stability” in the opinion of the UN has been achieved in Syria. The Referendum will be conducted and overseen by the United Nations and the will of the Syrian people must prevail – regardless who they pick or if they once again want Assad to remain as their President.
  7. Stop Bombing Yemen – Saudi Arabia must immediately withdraw from and cease all military action in Yemen. All of the warring factions in Yemen must immediately lay down their arms and brought to the negotiation table of the UN. In the light of their bad and questionable track record on Human Rights, the West must seize to sell further arms to the Saudis.
  8. UN Sanctions – The UN must threaten dire consequences to any outside country that further interferes with the internal domestic process / challenges of both Syria and Yemen.
  9. Ambassador – A Global Ambassador as appointed by the UN must go to Syria and oversee the peace process from start to finish.
  10. Rebuilding – The whole World must assist with the rebuilding of Syria and Yemen and as many possible refugees must be repatriated back to their countries of origin and re-united with their loved ones.

Maybe the above is naïve and oversimplified. Things are obviously a bit more complicated than that, and the proposal as outlined above is therefore not exhaustive and by no means perfect………….but it is a start from where we can build onto?

I trust that you will receive this letter in the same spirit as the bona fide intentions of promoting global peace in which it was written.

 “Mankind must put an end to War; before War puts an end to Mankind.” (President John F. Kennedy)

 Martin Hall, Foundation President