We are living in the age of great DANGER and an epic DECEPTION.

A great evil and darkness has descended upon the World, and many people are now awakening to this unfortunate reality. It is as if the human race has gone completely “mad” and with apparently only one goal in mind:


Much of the World’s citizenry therefore seems to be experiencing a total “Mental Breakdown” – and by which they have lost all ability to think and act rationally. Hence the World has now become global melting pot of hatred, violence and death.

Only the foolish will deny the obvious signs that a time of terrible distress, trouble and suffering is upon us. The most obvious signs being that of the Middle Eastern wars raging in Libya, Syria and Yemen; the stand-off between Russia and the West in the Ukraine; China’s “occupation” of the South-China-Sea; the threat of a now nuclear-capable North Korea; on-going conflict between Israel and Palestine; and the escalation in tensions between India and Pakistan. All of which could provide the spark needed to start off a Thermal Nuclear World War 3.

In this regard, Russia, China and Iran have indeed started to prepare for World War and Russia, in particular, has been very vocal about such a War with the USA / NATO now being inevitable – all of which are ignored by the main-stream media and goes almost completely unreported.

The threat of Global Terrorism too has become the “new normal” of everyday life and of which the ordinary citizens are told to just accept and live with. It is clear that “someone” and “somewhere” are pulling the strings to keep the general public ignorant and unawares of that what is really unfolding.

The World is visibly teetering on the edge of a major DISASTER and undoubtedly finds itself at the most dangerous time in history.

Nevertheless, what is also clear is that many people are indeed starting to wonder about that what is happening in the World right now; why it is happening the way it is; who or what the cause thereof is; why it is happening right now and why our global leadership are making such strange decisions these days?

There are no easy answers to those questions – but there is one particular word that provides for the simplest of explanations. That word is: “TRUTH”

An incredible amount of lies had been perpetuated upon mankind and over many decades. We have been lied to about many things and by many people………….. including by big corporations and by government. Typical lies would have been about things like health and disease; science; the global financial system; global governance and our place in the World.

Not all that meets the eye are therefore real; and in many instances a false illusion had been created intentionally for purposes of serving the interests of but only the “chosen few”.

This particular method of “brainwashing” is referred to by the Intelligence community as “Perception Management” – which is nothing other than a deliberate covert program designed to influence / control the minds of the population in order to push a particular agenda or to establish a particular false, official narrative.

The psychology behind this is simple: Make the lies big; Lie all the time and about everything; Repeat the lies often and by many different people – all of which will cause for the lie to be believable and for the public not to question it.

If sceptics dare to go against the official narrative, the same conspirators simply deploy a very affective counter-measure, also known as “LABELS”. In this regard it is then also important to understand that all human beings have an “inner mechanism” that desires / cries out for acceptance; to be seen as part of and to be associated with the popular group; to be admired, respected, loved and generally liked by others. Nobody wants to be seen as or be treated an “outsider”; nor as “someone that is against the “main-stream”. Therefore the very convenient labelling of someone as being a Racist, Bigot, Sexist, Homophobe, Islamaphobe, Conspiracy Theorist etc., is a very effective method by which to stifle dissent, suppress opposition to and discourage the questioning of the official narrative.

Television, sports, movies, news and entertainment are all particularly handy media when pushing an official narrative and when it comes to keeping people distracted from observing / realizing the reality of what is being done to them and without their knowing.

But therein now lays the problem: Whereas we had in past decades naively accepted almost anything that Government had told us to be the absolute and only “truth” – people are now starting to wake-up and are asking questions about the many things that simply no longer makes sense to them anymore. Those questions are challenging the “official narrative” and are causing for “bits and pieces” of Truth to come out: first slowly….. then a little bit more…. but surely unstoppable and until finally, the whole Truth has been revealed.

The Bible is in fact very clear about this in Luke 8:17 of the End Time Prophecies: “For nothing is secret, that shall not be made manifest; neither anything hid, that shall not be known and come abroad.”

In other words, all lies shall be exposed and all truths shall be made known.

The problems and dangers that those “uncovered truths” will cause for the governments and the global elite are only too obvious. Once the ordinary citizenry becomes aware of the extent of the deception, they will revolt, riot, attack their own governments and go after the global elite.

The simple reality in all of this is that, with a global population of 7 Billion people, the World is now grossly over-populated and no longer sustainable. There are simply no longer enough jobs, land, food, water and other natural resources available with which to sustain everyone. Things are also about to get even worse as natural disasters increase in severity and number and where the expected consequences of Global Warming become more prevalent.

This much is true and it is a simple matter of doing the math’s: Extreme Poverty (on our current course) will always be amongst us and will in fact dramatically increase over years to come; together with even more hardship and suffering.

Our political leadership, however, will never mention nor admit this. They will get back on stage just before it is time for “Re-Elections” and simply continue to peddle the fiction that:

“All will be well; The World is doing great and is at peace; That they will end poverty and build houses for everyone; That they will create wealth and jobs for everyone; That us humans can be and do whatever we want; That there are no negative consequences for our actions.”

And so today we also know that all wars involve a degree of deception, and that deliberate “false flag operations” were in the past initiated by intelligence agencies to generate conflict and to drag entire countries into historical wars of the past. The term “False Flag Operation” refers to an act of deception by means of covert operations; of which goal it is to falsely apportion blame to and to make a particular catastrophic event appear to be the work of a specific country, nation or group, other than those who are the actual ones responsible for the planning and the execution thereof.

It is an established fact that the terrorist group, Al-Qaeda, was a creation by some intelligence agencies – and it is therefore not surprising that so many experts are now alleging the same for the terrorist groups, ISIL and Al-Nusra Front.

Acts of terrorism creates fear and despair amongst ordinary citizens. The continued threat thereof has made it easy for governments to convince their citizens to willingly surrender their Privacy, Rights and Civil Liberties; just so to justify the “legal spying” by governments on their own citizens.

Whereas and in the case of the actual terrorists: they have become a convenient excuse by which one country can now unilaterally decide to invade and bomb another country without any Resolution of the United Nations whatsoever………. and thereby circumventing International Law.

The wars in Afghanistan, Iraq, Libya and Syria are good examples of how “Regime-Change” had been / are being affected under the guise of “fighting terrorism”. The obvious lies, double talk, double standards and ridiculous official narratives that are being offered to us via the main-stream-media about that what is going on, and in particularly Syria, are both pathetic and laughable.

Hence it is also no longer a surprise that almost sixty percent of Americans now believe that the 9/11 terrorists attacks on the World Trade Centre had been an “inside job” with at least some level of covert involvement. The most recently released “29 pages” of the de-classified Official Report just ads to those existing suspicions – and so too had almost two thousand experts / architectural engineers signed a petition to challenge the Official Report, amongst other pointing out that Building 7 (the third building and of which were not even hit by an airplane) had been brought down by means of “Controlled Demolition”.

It is also significant that a great number of people in the World now believe that man had never gone to the moon, and that the NASA’s Apollo Space Missions had all been a hoax. Incredible as that seems and regardless of the numerous discrepancies with official footage and photographs of the Apollo missions: The most obvious question that remains unanswered relates to the deadly Van Allen Radiation belts that exist around the earth. The Belts start from about 1000 km above the surface of the earth and continues to about 25 000 km. The heat and radiation within these belts are extremely dangerous and in fact deadly. How then could it be that Scientists who are working on the current Orion Space Program, are still in the process of trying to figure out how the Van Allen Belts will affect their operation vehicle, the sensors, on board computers and other electronic equipment – and what exactly could be done to protect astronauts from the deadly radiation?

All of this in 2016, whereas we were made to believe that the Apollo Moon Missions had already passed safely through those same Van Allen Belts decades ago; and without posing any danger to the space vehicle or the astronauts? Adding to the suspicions is the recent scientific discovery of an “impenetrable plasma shield” that exists within a distance of 7500km inside the Van Allen Belts?

Those “Conspiracy Theorists” who are questioning the official narrative may of course still be proven wrong – but the above are merely a few of the many existing examples that serves to illustrate the very obvious inconsistencies that had transpired over the years and of which are now causing many people to ask questions.

We could for instance also refer to the “Truth” of a deeply flawed and corrupted global financial system that is allegedly run by only a few very powerful banking families; or we could refer to the “Truth” about so called “incurable diseases” that have been proven to be man-made-diseases.

What is instead and more important to understand, is that despite their desperate efforts to keep the “Truth” concealed, time is fast running out for those who had perpetuated the numerous falsehoods that exist in the World today.

Numerous political experts / commentators are therefore warning of the “Truth” of an imminent New World Order – of which is apparently being implemented right now and before our very eyes. It is therefore proposed that the current wars in the Middle East, as well as the other global conflicts and unrests, had been engineered intentionally and of which will provide the spark that will set off a Thermal Nuclear World War 3.

It is important to remind those who think that such a war is a good idea, of that which is integral to the Global Depopulation Agenda: The proposed death of a few billion people during that coming “Great War”.

This article may be thought provoking and will undoubtedly solicit comments both for and against it. But regardless and of which today is abundantly clear: The World has become a Godless place of “DISOBEDIENCE” and wherein “SIN” has now become the new “Popular and Trendy”.

If therefore we don’t act with urgency to change our ways and to turn back towards God, we can be assured that things are not going to end well. Be warned that Time is few.

“Then you will know the Truth, and the Truth will set you free.” John 8:32 from the Bible Scriptures

Martin Hall, Foundation President