There are a few “Simple Truths” to remember:

Whatever we did in the past did not work!

Whatever we do tomorrow must be different!!

We have to change our ways!!!

The time to act is NOW!!!!

Let us no longer fool ourselves – that is the truth, and the truth is that simple.

It is time for an AWAKENING; for people to come out of their “trance-like-state”; for people to do some serious introspection……………and for us to think carefully on the way forward and the next step we are about to take……………..otherwise there will be NO future and there will be NO legacy to leave behind for our children.

We, the human race, had been given custodianship of the whole of planet Earth; of all the plant life and of all the animal life – but what a fine mess did we not make of it all?

We chose to hate, deceive, rob, rape and murder each other; all the while and at the same time, destroying the beauty of nature in our reckless pursuit for the wealth of oil, gas, gold, diamonds and other mineral resources – disregarding the environment and causing the extinction of numerous plant- and animal species.

It is undeniably so that we have disrespected the planet, cut down rain-forests, polluted the rivers and oceans and caused for the destruction of entire eco-systems.

We find pleasure in hunting innocent animals only so we could stuff their heads and display them on our office walls. So too do we cut down entire rain-forests in pursuit of more oil and other mineral wealth.

We have in fact abused all of those very things in nature which are allowing us, the human race, exist.

The obvious consequences of our very reckless industrialization policies and absolute pursuit of ever more profits – being that we are now starting to pay the price: Nature is revolting against us and the visible effects of Global Warming being merely the beginning of all the suffering that is to follow.

The ensuing Climate Chaos will not only threaten our food- and water security, but it will also dictate as to where and how we live in the future. The picture is not pretty, and things are about to take a turn for the worse.

And if that is not enough – some of our Global Political Leadership seems to be “hell-bent-determined” on causing the nuclear annihilation of the planet.

In this regard and with a particular reference to Syria and the Middle East, one has to admit that the world is in absolute turmoil; and never before and since particularly the end of the Second World War, have so much danger and chaos existed around us.

Many experts now agree that the “Global Time Clock for Nuclear Annihilation” puts the current time precariously close at “one minute to midnight”.

When will the human race wake up, acknowledge our mistakes, repent and change from our evil ways?

“Two things are infinite: the universe and human stupidity; and I’m not sure about the universe.” (Albert Einstein)

Martin Hall, Foundation President