“Hiding in the shadows behind the throne are men more powerful than the King himself.”

Once upon a time, long, long ago (ok, maybe not so long ago) and living in a country far, far away (at least very far from the country where I’m at)……..there was a man with a strange, almost funny looking hairstyle and who had a face that radiated the brilliant colour of the sun (possibly be the result from  artificial spray-tanning).

The man had come from relative humble beginnings, but he was very clever and talented; he had a natural hunger for business and he quickly learned the art of making a little bit of money grow into lots of money.

The man had an endless capacity for hard work; purposely climbing the ladder of corporate success without ever seeming to tire – and all of which resulted in him becoming a very wealthy and well-known businessman. He further understood the importance of owning one’s “own Brand-Name” in relation to business and therefore quickly mastered the art of marketing himself.

Hence it was also not long before that man’s name was associated with ambitious property developments, glamorous hotels and fancy golf courses. He also owned the Ms World Beauty Pageant and further hosted his own television Reality Show, known as “The Apprentice”. The Apprentice in particular was very successful and attracted many of millions of viewers all over the World.

He was a man admired by his fans; the “Television Bosses” loved him as his show gave them very good ratings and raked in the money; the Press liked him as he was approachable and not scared of giving interviews and his opinion; fellow businessmen eagerly dined with him and did not mind one bit to be associated with him; and the usual “slimy” politicians chased after him for his endorsement and begging him for financial donations towards their respective political campaigns.

But whereas many loved and adored him, many more were secretly envious of his achievements and to the extent that such envy sometimes turned into a bizarre hatred towards that man.

The man being referred to above was of course Donald Trump…………….a household name to most Americans and also to many others all over the World.

Donald Trump is, in the eyes of many and compared to modern expectations, a “made man”. After all, he is a billionaire who owned his own jet aircraft, a helicopter, many properties, hotels, golf courses……………….and to top it all, he is married to a very beautiful wife and has a number of very talented children.

But being the over-achiever he is, he then decided to do something of which he had been contemplating to do for many years: To Run for the Presidency of the United States of America and thereby applying for the “most powerful job” in the World.

…………………but then suddenly, and by doing that………. ALL HELL suddenly started to break loose…….

At first it started off mildly with “snickers” and “sneers” from career politicians and of which soon turned into full out “joking, laughter and mockery” by the Main Stream Media. They referred to Donald Trump’s political aspirations as a joke and were quick to point out to viewers that Trump had a ZERO chance of winning the Republican Primaries and a less than ZERO chance of ever becoming President of the United States – and for which purposes they happily paraded the results of poll after poll after poll……

The joke, however, turned out to be on all of them as Donald Trump simply campaigned on the issues that really mattered to the majority of the American public. The essence of his message spoke directly to the hearts of the ordinary American citizens and resonated strongly with their patriotism: “To drain the “Political Swamp” in Washington and to Make America Great Again”.

And as such, the American voters showed their disdain towards the arrogant career politicians and instead, elected Donald John Trump – first as the Republican Candidate for the Presidential Elections………. and there after as the 45’Th President of the United States of America.

This came as a major shock and a very unpleasant surprise to the Political Establishment of the United States, as neither the Democrats nor the Republicans wanted him as President; and whereas the visible anger of the Civilian Leftist Liberals towards the newly elected President Trump soon turned from pure hatred into absolute hysteria.

Those very Liberals flooded into the streets in large numbers to show their absolute disappointment with Trump having been elected President. They held big marches and rallies to voice their opposition and openly called Trump names such as “idiot”, “scumbag”, “dirtbag”, “moron”, “mafia boss” and even “pig”.

They physically cried on live television about Trump and gathered in numbers in private rooms so they could collectively and literally “scream out aloud” to bemoan their anguish and disappointment.

Some celebrities threatened to beat Trump and talked about his assassination, while another well known Pop Star openly threatened to “blow up” the White House which serves as the President’s official residency.

A Playwright quickly saw the light of day and wherein actors depicted the assassination of President Trump; while elsewhere, a well known television personality held up the “bloody and severed head” of President Trump to her audience.

The United States was suddenly caught in the grips of a very volatile situation; of which could only be referred to as a total state of “Liber-Mania”; and whereas many of the usually very rational and cool-headed liberals within society turned into absolute “Libtards” – all apparently suffering from a new psychiatric illness that was sweeping the entire country and of which is now generally referred to as the “Trump Derangement Syndrome” or “TDS”.

The Liberal Democrats did not care that the Trump Presidency was the result of a fair and open Democratic Election Process – and by which the American voters had expressed their Constitutional Right to vote for and to elect the Presidential Candidate of their choice. They found it to be unacceptable, unbelievable and absolutely impossible that their candidate had lost………………..and to them Trump as President literally meant the beginning of the “End of the World”.

The Main Stream Media also did their part to fan the flames of “hatred and divide” within the United States. They blamed a “flawed” American Voter System for Trump’s win; they mocked the crowd size that attended the Presidential Inauguration Day and continued to criticize everything President Trump would say or do from the very first day that he took up Office as President of the United States of America. The absolute bias and dislike of President Trump by many in the Main Stream Media was (and still is to this very day) clear for all to see and they would jump at every opportunity to make derogatory statements about his person, his leadership and his presidency.

The attack by the Main Stream Media on President Trump had in fact been vicious, constant and relentless – unlike anything we had ever seen in the history of the United States. They would literally find fault by the way he dresses, the way he walks, the way he talks, the way he shook hands with a foreign leader, the way he eats and also what he eats.  They would bring  endless numbers of “expert panels” on their shows to question all of Trump’s policies; to disagree with each of his choices and with every decision that he makes. It is in fact abundantly clear that they “don’t like the man” and that they had in fact “nothing good to say about him ever”.

The Main Stream Media was also used as an “echo chamber” for the Liberal Left that desperately opposed the Trump Presidency and, whether knowingly or unwittingly; they became the driver of a particular narrative that:

  • Trump was incompetent and too stupid to be President of the United States;
  • That Trump was morally unfit to hold the Office of the Presidency;
  • Trump was a Psychopath who could not be trusted with the “nuclear button”.
  • That Trump was a Racist;
  • Trump was a Bigot;
  • Trump was a Nazi who admired Hitler;
  • Trump was a Xenophobe;
  • Trump was a Homophobe;
  • Trump was a Misogynist;
  • Trump was a Playboy, a Womanizer and a Sexual Predator;
  • Trump was suffering from a Mental Illness;
  • The Elections had been flawed and that Hillary Clinton, as opposed to Trump, had in fact been the real winner by “Popular Vote”;
  • That the Russians had “hacked” into the servers of the DNC and also into the Email accounts of certain members of the Hillary Election Campaign in order to influence and to sway the American Elections to the benefit of the Trump Campaign.

The collective narrative as outlined above had the apparent objective of:

  • Preventing Trump from becoming President of the United States;
  • To taint and de-legitimize the Trump presidency if he ever managed to take up Office;
  • To restrict President Trump from being able to properly execute his duties as President;
  • To obstruct President Trump from fulfilling his Campaign promises and to implement his policies;
  • To embarrass President Trump in his own country and before the entire World;
  • To get President Trump removed from Office by any means possible.

A particular negative narrative about Trump was pushed onto the American people in a manner that could only be described as “orchestrated public brainwashing”; but it did not quite work and the base support of the President has been standing by him resolute and unfazed by it all.

However and almost as from nowhere, a very questionable “Dossier” suddenly made its appearance. It supposedly showed that the Russians “had something” on Trump and that the Trump Campaign had colluded with the Russians during the US Elections. The contents of the “Dossier” read like a “fairy tale written by a child” and the former FBI Director himself described it as “salacious” and “unverified”.

In fact, everybody seems to agree that nobody in their right mind did or would ever believe the “Dossier” to be true. Very interestingly though: that did not stop the FBI from launching a covert “Counter Intelligence Operation” against the Trump Campaign and furthermore, to obtain a FISA Warrant in order to conduct surveillance on certain members of the Trump Team.

But whereas the “Trump hysteria” among the Liberal civilians could have been attributed to just some people simply being over passionate about “Party Politics”, the sudden appearance of the now infamous “Trump Dossier”, the covert “Counter Intelligence Investigation” by the FBI and the subsequent obtaining of a FISA Warrant to conduct surveillance on members of the Trump Team during the US Elections were all causes for suspicion.

It was in fact the very first indications that something was “very wrong with that picture” and a number of Legal Analysts openly voiced their concern that some “dirty politics” might have been involved and for the following reasons:

  • The supposed “Trump Dossier” was, according to numerous experts a very obvious work of fiction; a “say-so piece of garbage” based on hear-say and containing no real facts nor any evidence;
  • It was bought and paid for by the opposing, Hillary –Clinton-Presidential-Campaign;
  • It was compiled by a (supposed) former British Spy who (allegedly) got his information from (questionable) Russian sources;
  • The (supposed) former British Spy had been very vocal in his opposition to the then “Candidate Trump” and had on occasion allegedly stated that he was “desperate for Trump not to get elected” – meaning that the author of the Dossier was clearly conflicted and already had a preconceived bias against Trump;
  • Nobody really believed the allegations contained therein and to this day nobody really bothered to verify any of it – but yet it was used to for purposes of obtaining a “FISA” Surveillance Warrant against members of the Trump Presidential Campaign and without such very relevant information about its dubious origin ever being shared with the Judge who had to approve the FISA Application;
  • There seems to be confusion about when and/or why the “Counter Intelligence Investigation” by the FBI was even started in the first place.

A number of Law Enforcement and Legal Experts therefore suggest that the salacious, unverified and clearly false “Trump Dossier” had been used to “weaponize” the Intelligence Agencies of the United States against the opposition Political Campaign of Trump; against an incoming President-Elect Trump and against a now sitting, President Trump.

All of which questionable actions eventually led to the appointment of “Special Counsel”, Robert Mueller,  who had been tasked to investigate allegations of “Russian Interference in the US Elections” and possible “Collusion between the Trump Campaign and Russia”. An investigation of which validity in itself seems to be rather questionable as the Laws of the United States only allows for the appointment of a Special Counsel under a very particular set of circumstances where clear evidence exists that an actual Crime that had been committed. “Collusion” in itself is NOT a crime and almost two years later there still is NO evidence of any “Collusion between the Trump Campaign and Russia”.

Some US Senators who had been looking into the matter for many months, now openly question the legality for the FBI’s Counter Intelligence Investigation into the Trump Campaign. They could find no clear legal basis as to why that investigation was launched in the first place. They are also questioning as to whether a clearly false, “Smear Dossier” that was paid for by the Opposition Clinton Campaign, had been used to deliberately mislead a Judge in order to obtain a FISA Warrant to spy on the Trump Campaign.

To make matters worse, the same Senate Investigation into the matter has now also uncovered thousands of text messages between top officials in the FBI and who had been involved in both the “Clinton Email Investigation” and the “Trump Russian Collusion Investigation” – and of which messages clearly shows a pattern of absolute bias and even hatred against Trump on the part of the investigators. Thus the particular investigations by the FBI had been tainted and to such an extent that the integrity of the on-going Mueller investigation into “Trump Russia Collusion” had been compromised due to the legal implications of the “Fruits of the Poisonous Tree”.

This apparent bias of the FBI investigators was in stark contrast with their “soft-glove- approach” to the investigation into the alleged criminal wrongdoing by Trump’s political opponent at the time, Hillary Clinton. Therein existed a very strong prima facie case for her to be charged criminally for setting up an unauthorized private Server at her private residence to conduct government business on; and then in particular in relation to her “Mishandling of Classified Information”.

The FBI investigators in her case broke almost every one of the most basic investigatory procedures and for some reason, deviated completely from their own protocols.

Hence many Legal Experts were in absolute shock when then FBI Director, James Comey came out publicly to lay out a clear criminal case for which Hillary Clinton should have been prosecuted; but that he then inexplicably went on to exonerate her.  What was also very obvious was that the FBI had, whether deliberately or not, changed the wording of the original findings from “gross negligence” to “extremely careless”, so as not to agree with the requirements / wording of the particular Law / Statute of which transgression she was being investigated for.

Then there is also the “cloud” of Benghazi (the murder of Ambassador Stevens in Libya) that continues to hang over Hillary Clinton’s head and the very serious allegations / suspicions that her Foundation received $140 million in return for her to use her influence to “smooth over” the Uranium One deal – and whereby the biggest foe of the United States, namely Russia, now owns almost a third of all the Uranium reserves in the United States (the very substance that is needed to build nuclear bombs).

Hence all of the facts that had been uncovered thus far point to a possible conspiracy by the “Deep State” of which objective it was to:

  • Clear Hillary Clinton from all wrong doing so that she could have a clear path to become President of the United States;
  • To stop Trump at all costs from ever becoming President of the United States;
  • To have in place an “insurance policy” against Trump – of which would be used to de-legitimize and obstruct Trump if he ever did become President;
  • To force Trump out of Office by Impeachment should he get elected President.

One would have thought that those who cared about the integrity of the Electoral Process in the United States, and especially the Media, would have been voicing outrage over the very concerning revelations and the numerous brewing scandals within the top Law Enforcement Agencies in the US – but alas, they were mostly mum on the real issues and instead chose to focus all of their energies on “bashing” President Trump some more  on anything possible.

And sure, Trump is probably not your “typical” Presidential material (he was always a businessman and never a politician) and he does appear to have an ego, the size of which could easily swallow the universe – BUT in all fairness, it does seem that those who oppose Trump as President are apparently so blinded by their hatred for him that they neither care for, nor are they willing to acknowledge his obvious achievements over the very short time that he has been in Office:

  • The Economy of the US is booming with a very favourable increase in the GDP;
  • The US Stock Market is up and had achieved consecutive record levels;
  • Many Companies / Businesses had been lured back to the United States;
  • Thousands of new jobs had been created;
  • Unemployment is at record low levels;
  • Employment among Black and Hispanic Americans are at the highest level in years;
  • Tax Reform and significant Tax cuts to the ordinary people;
  • Trade deals with other countries are being re-negotiated;
  • The US withdrew from the Paris Climate Accord;
  • The US withdrew from the Iran Nuclear Deal;
  • The American Health Care System is being transformed;
  • America is taking care of their War Veterans again;
  • Billions of Dollars more have been allocated to make the US Military modern and strong again;
  • The borders of the United States are being made secure again;
  • The terrorist group ISIS has been destroyed and defeated;
  • North Korea is willing to de-nuclearize;
  • President Trump moved the US Embassy in Israel to Jerusalem.

From the above it does seem that President Trump has delivered on almost all of his Campaign promises and within only a few months from when he took Office…………. something that is indeed very rare among the usual career politicians of our World.

But taking an even closer look at the man, President Trump, himself: one would find that he does not drink alcohol nor does he smoke; he is a family man that goes to Church and who believes in the  Bible; he clearly loves the United States and wants to keep its citizens safe from all criminals and terrorists; he donates his monthly salary to worthy causes; and even his daughter, Ivanka and Son-in-Law, Jared, works for free at the White House.

Surely this must be everyone’s “Dream President” right? Wrong!!!!

The Liberals despise him and have adopted a “Mob Mentality” of “Organized Hatred” against both him and his supporters.

Long gone are the days where Liberals were regarded as being peaceful, tolerant, laid back and chilled out…………standing up against violence and war.

On the very contrary, they are now completely intolerant towards those who do not share or agree with their ideals and worldly views – and as such they have declared all Trump supporters as fair game for targeted harassment and even violence.

Hence it is no longer a surprise when a suspected Trump supporter is pulled from his car and beaten up or whether Trump supporters are violently accosted at protests. There had also already been an attempt to assassinate Conservative Senators and just in recent days person’s working for the Trump Administration have been refused service and chased out of public Restaurants etc.

A well-known Hollywood Star has urged people to kidnap President Trump’s youngest child apparently for paedophiles – and to put the Secretary of Homeland Security, Kirstjen Nielsen, naked in a cage so she could be poked by the public.

The situation within the USA is indeed very volatile and on a “knife’s edge” – wherefore many political commentators now  agree that it is only a matter of time before the break-out of a full scale civil war.

All of which begs the question: Is the liberal outrage against President Trump justified and normal – or are there “more than meets the eye” and something far more sinister going on in the United States of America?

In this regard the experts immediately point the finger at the proposed “New World Order” – something that is openly referred to by almost all politicians, religious and other world leaders these days and of which term suddenly no longer seems to be just another “conspiracy theory”.

Many experts allege that the New World Order is in fact a conspiracy among the globalists to create a new world where no singular country nor any borders exists – but of which all is structured under a “One World Government”, a “One World Religion”, a “One World Financial Currency” and a “One World Military”.

And while all of that may seem fine and even appealing to many, what worries the rest of us is the “fine print” that we are not being told about and of which it is suspected that a couple of billion people are required to die in order to make such a “global renewal” workable.

If those who are making these allegations of a New World Order are correct in their theory thereof, then all of the turmoil that is currently happening in the United States suddenly becomes very logical and explainable:

  • In order for the New World Order to take effect, countries will have to abolish nationalism and patriotism and surrender their sovereignty and borders. This can only be achieved if a “great despair and suffering” is brought upon the nations of the World as a result of a combination of a World War, Plagues, Illness, Disease and enormous Poverty stemming from the collapse of the Global Financial System;
  • But that in order for this conspiracy to be implemented, the United States (which is a very wealthy country; with the strongest military and being the only real Super Power in the World) must be willing to support that ideal and fully co-operate with the implementation thereof.

Wherein then exactly lies the problem: Trump believes in nationalism, patriotism, borders and putting the United States first. He was never part of the political “Establishment” nor was he ever part of the “Boys Club of Washington DC”. He is an outsider. He was not anointed nor ordained to be President of the United States. Hillary was. Nobody had expected Trump to win the Elections and he was NEVER supposed to have won. So if the theory about the existence of a New World Order is correct, then it is only obvious, that with Trump becoming the 45’TH President of the United States, some very serious disruption has been caused to their plans!

If that is then indeed the case, it would certainly explain why so many people are so absolutely desperate to have President Trump removed from Office by any manner or means possible………………….. and to the point of Hysteria.

But since those efforts have so far failed, it now also seems clear that a different, but very effective strategy is being deployed instead: “To Divide and Conquer” – meaning that if one wishes to conquer a superior military nation such as the United States, then one simply has to divide the people from within by fuelling the hatred between them and thereby turning them against one another.

Thus the objective is to destroy the United States from within through public disorder, riots, violence and chaos – and to thereby make it ungovernable and unbearable for President Trump.

Is this then not exactly what is currently happening in the United States  today?

It has never in history been so divided as a country than what it is today – and if a recent report in the media is to be believed, then a former President had attended and addressed the recent (very secretive) Bilderberg conference, stating that the citizens of the United States must for their own good subject themselves to the “New World Order”.

One can of course not be absolute certain if the reports or the above assumptions and theories are correct or even remotely accurate – but it certainly gives a different perspective on things; and the possibility thereof can also not just be summarily discarded.

But of one thing we can be certain: That if there is to be “peace” in the World, then there first has to be “peace” in the United States.

Note therefore that this article was not written with the intention of being “For” or “Against” President Trump and his Republican Party; nor with the intention of being “For” or “Against” the Democratic Party and the Liberals – but that it should rather be seen as a bona fide attempt to draw the attention of the good peoples of the United States to this very foolish and destructive hatred that now exists between them, and to urge them to once again grow love and respect for each other as fellow citizens of a great Country; regardless of Party Politics, Class, Race or the Colour of their skins.

“And Jesus knew their thoughts, and said unto them, Every kingdom divided against itself is brought to desolation; and every city or house divided against itself shall not stand” (Matthew 12:25, Bible Scriptures)

 Martin Hall, Foundation President