“And Jesus knew their thoughts, and said unto them: Every kingdom divided against itself is brought to desolation; and every city or house divided against itself shall not stand.” Matthew 12:25 (KJV)

Never before in history has the human race been so divided as it is today.

Yet another week has gone by……………..and so continues the violence, killings, civil unrest, shooting of cops and more horrific acts of terrorism.

Happening around us in the world is nothing other than an increase in the “birth-pains” of the evil times that we live in………………..all of which will end in unbearable suffering for mankind……………the total destruction of our planet………………and from which ashes the experts suggests shall arise a New World Order………..with none other than Lucifer himself at the throne.

So indeed, our world has become the modern-day, Sodom and Gamorrah of Biblical Times; a place where immorality, hatred and sin are flourishing and with many of our fellow brothers and sisters that have now openly turned their backs on God.

The human race, as a collective, have hit rock bottom. The sexualizing of society has become totally perverted, and the vulgarity of people’s actions have no limits. People are obsessed with “Gender-Identity” and could apparently not care less about the numerous Baphomet Statues (worshipping the evil one) that are being erected all over the place.

Do we not remember that what God eventually did to Sodom and Gamorrah? How it was completely destroyed because of sin? Did we not learn from our past mistakes? How come we had forgotten history so easily?

And what is it with all the insanity around us? The term described by some as a particular condition:

“When repeating the same mistakes over and over again, but expecting a different result each time”.

Nowhere then is this insanity more visible than in the deranged hatred and damaging rhetoric within the political establishment all over the world. Our politicians are seemingly suffering from a psychiatric condition, called “political schizophrenia” – a situation where “winner takes all”, “power means everything” and the Opposition Party(s) are the “Enemy of the State”.

To hell with the civilian population and why they had been elected in the first place, right? Who needs peace, safety and security if the Politician himself can have an army of bodyguards and can direct billions of dollars of Government Funds to whatever cause he/she wants or so to line the pockets of their buddies?

The Civilian Population has become the “Expendables” and the “Basket of Deplorables” – behind their back being called “stupid”, “ignorant” and “a nuisance” by those very politicians whom they have elected.

So too have the followers of opposing Parties become hysterical and inexplicably violent in their actions during recent times in an effort to force their own point or ideology upon others.

Common decency and political tolerance are words that no longer exist. People will assault, maim and murder for what they believe in and have total disregard for an opposing opinion by the other side – or the Right by the other side to harbor a different view on a particular issue.

Every year and all over the world, political parties spend Billions of Dollars on campaigns to have their particular candidate elected. But nobody is asking the right questions from the candidates during live debates or television interviews. Surely we would all want to know the following from a presidential candidate:

  1. Have you ever engaged in corrupt activities or stolen public monies?
  2. Are you driven by fame, money, power or a sincere desire to help the people?
  3. Are you or have you ever been a member of a Secret Society?
  4. Are you aware of the “Deep State” and the efforts of the “New World Order”?
  5. Do you work for them and do you support their cause?
  6. Which God do you serve, or are you a disciple of the evil one?
  7. Are you going to stop the Intelligence Services from invading our privacy and spying on the civilian population without probable cause?

Answers to the above will help us, the people, to elect the best man/woman for the job – regardless of his/her race, ethnicity, his/her material wealth or from which side of the political isle he/she is from.

But nobody seems to be interested in that. We will rather have ourselves entertained by a “Freak Show of an Election”, filled with scandals and accusations; and where the Candidate who can dig up the most dirt on his/her opponent are the one who wins.

The hypocrisy and stupidity that surrounds us have become so nauseating and are simply impossible to bear any longer.

So in an effort to escape it all, we lock ourselves into our houses, run to the living room and switch on the television………………………..only to be greeted by a barrage of Main Stream Media commentators, all with beautiful make-up powdered skin, perfectly sprayed hair, and blinding bleach-white teeth……………………..some of whom are eager to push yet another false or wholly flawed narrative down our throats.

Where is the REAL NEWS, the REAL REPORTING, INVESTIGATIVE JOURNALISM…………………not these “holier than thou” supposed journalist who continue to drivel garbage filled with speculation, assumptions, personal opinions, and as being discussed by a “not-so-expert” panel that they continue to parade on their shows Ad Nauseam.

To be fair, the same also goes for a big part of Social Media, where numerous commentators (however sincere) are also presenting false stories as fact without doing proper research on the subject.

Some may even argue that the Media has become the “peddler of hatred and divide”…………the “vehicle” through which propaganda and hatred are spread. Those kinds of actions are in fact recognized in Criminal Law, and typically referred to as being an “Accessory To the Fact” – sanctioning severe penalty if convicted.

But of course nobody is held accountable and nobody is prosecuted. We see no Court cases to this effect – because we all claim it our absolute Right to have Free Speech and thereby insulting each other with very defamatory Labels……..even in the absence of any real proof.

We simply don’t care whether the labels are false and have no concern for the devastating impact it will have on the particular individual’s life, livelihood and acceptance in society. NO……… long as we can also spew the hatred with words such as:

“Fascist, Racist, Bigot, Homophobe, Sexist, Nazi and Supremacist”

Those very words may in itself be regarded as “Hate Speech”; and whereas it could have the desired effect of shaming someone, evoking emotions, creating sensation and/or pandering to please the populist movements – the end result may turn out to be questionable as it only encourages more hatred and violence between people.

Once, during an in depth discussion with someone else on a particular topic, the person suddenly came up with the following question and of which caught me totally off guard:

 “So who has died and made you King?”

Those were simple but powerful words, and I pondered on that for a moment as I did not immediately understand the question. But then I started smiling, as I realized that all that the question really implied is that we are all entitled to our different opinions, and that my opinion may not necessarily be the correct one.

We have to listen to and give fair consideration to the opinions of all other people – regardless of whether their opinion agrees with ours or not and no matter how silly they may seem.

We should also not allow ourselves to be so easily offended by everything and by everyone:

 “Smile more. If you don’t agree with what they say or stand for, take it with a pinch of salt and carry on with your life. You do not have to hate or murder them for not agreeing with you on something. Give them their space in the sun. We all have equal rights.”

We had learnt in the Physics Classroom about Isaac Newton’s “Third Law”, which simply states that:

“For every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction”.

 And strangely, that very same law also applies to words that we use; how and what we say and how we express ourselves to other people.

The opposite Party will react very differently when we approach him/her in a friendly, respectful and non-aggressive manner – as opposed to interact with someone shooting “daggers” from their eyes and “foaming hatred” around their mouths.

Words such as “Politeness”, “Kindness”, “Tolerance” and “Mutual Respect” have very powerful meanings. Perhaps we should apply more of those to our personal lives and then, just maybe, our World could become a better place.

But alas, those who are at the helm of the evil that is plaguing the world right now, are simply using divisiveness and hatred between people of different races, different ethnicity, different religions and different political affiliations, as a diversion or distraction to prevent from coming out that which is the TRUTH about what is really going on around us…………..another World War in the making.

“Be sober minded; Be watchful. Your adversary, the devil, prouls around like a roaring lion, seeking someone to devour.” 1 Peter 5:8 (KJV)

Martin Hall, Foundation President