Hit the pause button for just a moment and take a good look around you. What you will find is absolute insanity and a World where nothing makes sense anymore.

At this, what is essentially still only the beginning of 2017, we have to be honest and ask ourselves: What on earth is going on in the World around us and what the hell are our global Political Leadership doing about it?

When scanning the morning newspapers or switching on the television to watch the news, one cannot help but get overwhelmed by a feeling of great despair; and know that somewhere, and written in small-print between the lines, the Obituary of Mankind has just been announced.

It is all doom and gloom and indeed so very scary and depressing.

Dominating the news are reports of violence, rioting, terrorism, wars, barbarism, greed, adultery, pornography, rape, child abuse, incest, thievery, poaching, disease, famine, pestilence, suffering, industrial pollution, global warming…………………..and so many other horrible stories that clearly spell out the COMPLETE destruction of Mankind.

Stupidity now reigns supreme and a very toxic mindset has befallen the human race under the guise of Political Correctness.

That the World is in a TOTAL state of Anarchy and Chaos is clear for all to see – indeed, we now find ourselves surrounded by DEATH, HATRED and CARNAGE and of which has become the “new normal of everyday living”. And so too are many people running around in a “zombie-like-state” and appear to have absolutely lost their minds.

Somehow and somewhere, the very “soul” of mankind has seemingly died.

Following the Obituary in a local Newspaper is usually a Eulogy which is delivered at the funeral of the deceased.

The term Eulogy, can be defined as “a high praise” or “commendation” to someone who had passed away and of which is delivered by manner of a speech or a piece of writing.

But in the case of mankind and by being critically honest, we have to wonder if it would even be possible to present a Eulogy for mankind?

Shocking, but sadly such is true; that is exactly how bad things are in the World right now. Mankind has made an absolute mess of the many good things that we had been given, and we are now teetering on the brink of absolute disaster, which may well result into the Death of the entire Human Race.

We are supposedly the most intellectually advanced and developed among all of the other living species on our planet – and yet we continue to do the most “dumbest” of all things imaginable.

When last has anybody taken the time to just sit quietly and observe nature?

Just look at the tiny little ants and see how they still work as hard, in a disciplined manner and together as a team, for the benefit of the whole ant colony – without ever complaining! They have been around since the beginning of time but you don’t see that they had to develop computers, robots and other technology to assist them with their work. We also don’t see any of them glued to their smart phones and surfing social media nor do any of them slouch in front of a television for more entertainment. No, they are still the same as they were then – none of them obese and all still doing the same old routine.

And so when watching the ants at work from a distance, then suddenly comes the realization: Nature has not changed and it actually works!!!

The trees still grow in exactly the same manner and still extract water and nutrients through its roots in order to grow. They did not suddenly acquire a need to drink cool drink or alcohol.

The birds still fly in exactly the same manner and by using their wings. They did not suddenly acquire a need to affix jet engines beneath their wings.

The swallows still build their impressive nests in the same old meticulous manner using a combination of twigs, grass and leaves. They did not suddenly acquire a need to use glue, cement or mortar.

The tortoise still carries his entire home with him. He did not suddenly decide to move out and roam around freely.

The Giraffe did not suddenly decide that he needs a “neck reduction” through cosmetic surgery and the cow still produces and gives milk in exactly the same manner as it used to.

And so on it goes: there is perfect contentment and harmony within nature. There is and never was any need for nature to change.

It is simply called Equilibrium.

The only thing that has in fact changed over all this time is mankind. In our absolute pursuit of power and money, we have literally walked all over other human beings and mostly destroyed everything around us that were good.

But we have run out of time, and “Doom is at our Door”.

There is no more time to sugar-coat things or to try and disguise the very obvious and looming disaster. Time is a luxury that we simply no longer have. Let us therefore stop pretending that all is well in the World and rather call a “Spade a Spade”:

  1. There are now simply too many people on the planet;
  2. There are not enough jobs or opportunities for everyone;
  3. We are fast depleting the natural resources of our planet;
  4. Rich nations can no longer subsidize poorer nations;
  5. The poor has become a “threat” to the way of life of those who are rich;
  6. People will lie, cheat and murder each other over money;
  7. Man is filled with self-importance and has become a lover of himself;
  8. Man has turned his back on God and have embraced evil;
  9. Man no longer believes in rules, but rather that he can be and do whatever he wants;
  10. We now live in a lawless World which is filled with un-Godliness and sin.

We have become like “rats trapped in a cage” and will soon begin to feast on one another. Ominous “storm clouds” have formed in the distance and the “drums of war” are beating all over the planet.

Scary times indeed.

But in order to make sense of all of this and if one is serious about wanting to achieve peace among peoples and nations, one has to confront the TRUTHS, however uncomfortable those truths might be.

In this regard, the simple TRUTHS are:

  1. There is a God – as much is clear and to the point that many skeptical scientists of latter years (many years later and billions of dollars of taxpayers monies spent on pure assumptions and speculation) are now coming out and admitting that the complex codes such as within DNA have made them to conclude that “some bigger power” had to be involved and that mankind could not have come about with a simple “big bang” as had been theorized before.
  2. There are evil forces currently at work among us and many have chosen to embrace that evil rather than to accept God and to follow His Laws;
  3. Whether one refers to it as a “Shadow Government” or a “Deep State”, the World is being run by but a very few, very powerful and indeed very arrogant people, who are themselves seemingly of very evil nature;
  4. The Global Economy, built on a very flawed system, is now in tatters and is simply no longer sustainable; its collapse seemingly on hand and imminent;
  5. World War 3, according to many experts, is now inevitable and billions of people are predicted to die in that coming war;
  6. For the ordinary citizenry who was used to having the right of Free Speech, Free Thinking, Criticism and having an independent, honest Opinion; that is simply no longer desirable nor tolerated by those “Elitist in positions of Power”.
  7. Steps are being taken to silence those who have not bought into the official narrative of the Main-Stream-Propaganda-Machine.

We are currently living in a false Reality. We have endured a lifetime of indoctrination and a total “bombardment” with propaganda wherein we were told what to believe is true and what not to believe.

Those who have orchestrated all of that do not want us to know the “Real Truth”, and they certainly do not want us to ask questions. If you dare they will mock you, ridicule you and label you a “Conspiracy Theorist”.

But we now know that all past wars in which many millions of people had died were in fact initiated as a result of a degree of deception; and many things relating to historic events such as the alleged “Moon Landing” and even the “9/11 Terrorist Attacks in New York” simply makes no sense anymore.

In this regard, Richard Feynman stated: “I will rather have questions that cannot be answered, than answers that cannot be questioned”.

We are supposedly not allowed to question the official narrative and of which the Main Stream Media so passionately tries to “shove down our throats” as being the ONLY truth.

Matt Taibbi went a bit further by stating: “Conspiracy theorists of the world, believers in the hidden hands of the Rothschild’s and the Masons and the Illuminati. We skeptics owe you an apology. You were right. The players may be a little different, but your basic premise is correct: The world is a rigged game.”  

But what has in fact also happened over recent months and while everybody were sleeping, was the formation of a New World Order. It has not been announced officially to the general public as of yet, but an intense battle is currently raging between opposing Parties for the control thereof.

And for that to happen is necessary, and in the opinion of a number of experts, a Global Reset in the form of a Thermal Nuclear World War 3. All of which will kick-off simultaneously with some significant natural disasters – and of which end result it is proposed to bring about a New World where there is only One Government, One Religion, One World Military and One World Currency………….oh yes and let’s not forget, only about 1 Billion people left on the planet.

And while such a result may seem “all very rosy and nice” unto many, just know that many of us are destined to instantly die during that process and the one very obvious remaining question being: “Who exactly will be sitting on the Throne of such a New World Order?”

In this regard, many speculate that it will be Lucifer himself?

Whether they are correct in their assumptions or not – what is very clear to all those who still have “half a brain cell left” and who still have the ability to reason, think and see clearly:

What is happening around us in the World is not normal and neither a coincidence. It is also not a natural nor a generic occurrence. Instead, someone, somewhere is “pulling the strings” and that what is happening is in fact being engineered and manipulated to such an extent that the civilian population of the World will en-mass start to turn against and slaughter one another.

I have got but only one thing to say to all of our Global Leaders who are so stupefied in their efforts to find lasting peace: Whether you believe in Him as the Son of God or not; just take some quiet time and go and read the Gospel of Jesus Christ and see for yourselves how simple it all could have been!

It is a time for mankind to choose sides: who we are, what we are, where we are going and whether we are going to keep on turning our backs on God and instead, continue to follow evil?

As for myself, I remember walking into a particular Church / Congregation many years ago and then seeing the following words expressed against the walls of the gallery and of which had touched my heart deeply:

“I have decided for the Lord Jesus, and that is Final.” 

Those particular words, and especially in this time and age which we are living in, suddenly seems to be a very good idea. Maybe more people should try to live by it?

“For the wages of sin is death; but the gift of God is Eternal Life through Jesus Christ our Lord.” (Romans 6:23 KJV)

Martin Hall, Foundation President