“Common sense is like an exotic flower that does not grow in just anyone’s garden.”

Hold on! Let us take pause and think about this for a moment:

World War 3 has for all practical reasons already started……………… our planet is facing a very real threat of nuclear annihilation………………….Syria and Yemen are being bombed back to the pre-historic ages………………… Iraqis and Afghans are being slaughtered by suicide bombers…………………. most of Europe is under the constant threat of terrorism……………………………. climate chaos in the form of extreme weather patterns are devastating entire countries…………………… many millions of refugees are desperately trying to find safety……………many millions more are dying of hunger……………………. and yet, the Main Stream Media goes into COMPLETE MELTDOWN when a certain President dares to refer to certain countries as “SHITHOLES”.

Are they for real? Of all the current challenges in the World today…………… of all the pain and suffering among the Human Race…………………. and they choose to go absolutely hysterical over that one simple word.

The faces of some newsreaders had contorted in visible agony…………….. while others even went as far as to cry on air during their live broadcast…………………… and day after day, week after week they continued on with Discussion Panels and so called Experts on the topic of “Shitholes”……………………… all the participants in apparent competition with one another to be named “Best Actor or Actress” at the Hollywood Oscars.

And if that was not already bad enough for  the viewers who were scratching their heads in confusion over what exactly all the fuss was about…………………… the very same Main Stream Media and through some “magical conjecture”, manages to connect the topic to (yes you guessed it): RACISM

Never mind that “Shithole” is a word that most of us has used at one time or another during our lives and specifically when referring to the appalling conditions of a certain place we had visited; or to a hotel we had stayed in; or simply expressing our disgust about the filthy, run-down pub on the corner that we went to in order to quench our thirst.

Never mind that the word, in the true essence if its meaning, is simply a synonym for something that looks to be a “dump” or a “disaster” – and depending in which context being used could further simply refer to something as being: “a not so nice place”; “a dirty place”; “a challenging place”; “a place that is disorganized or dysfunctional”; “a place where crime and disease are rampant”; “a place where corruption thrives”; “a place where the general population don’t have readily access to food, to clean water or to jobs”.

Never mind that this particular President has denied ever using that word “Shithole”; or that whatever word he did in fact use was not uttered in the public domain, but rather in a private setting at his Office when discussing a particular challenging matter with a number of fellow politicians.

And yet the Main Stream Media tried their very utmost to make a “mountain” of “nothing”, and so they chose to devote many hours of valuable airtime on what most would regard as a “non-issue” really.

Verified Facts or simple Logic are clearly no longer issues of importance to the Main Stream Media. They peddle division and hatred and have somehow appointed themselves as the “moral authority” of the World; their opinions apparently being the only ones that should matter to the general public.

Let us therefore consider this as an alternative: The word “Shithole”, if indeed used by that particular President when referring to certain countries, is at best “colorful language” and at worst “un-presidential” or “politically incorrect”. And whereas some people may have felt genuinely offended by the use of such a term, many others were not offended as they simply saw it as someone being brutally honest about the very challenging conditions within those particular countries referred to.

People have different opinions on different issues and why would the one be regarded more important than the other? Some people may even argue that most humans have become “Assholes” and that, in fact, the entire World has become one big, gigantic “Shithole”.

So what now? Is the Main Stream Media going to brand those people “Humanists”, “Humanphobes”, or “Eathists”?

Uhhhhhh………Hmmmm………….we think NOT!

All of which begs some simple questions: Was the very obvious “Selective Moral Outrage” as portrayed by the Main Stream Media sincere and innocent or was there something much more sinister behind it?

In this regard, numerous experts on global matters suggest the “hysteria” to be yet another example of how the Main Stream Media has over many years been “weaponized” to act as a Weapon of “Mass Deception” against the ordinary civilian population of the World. They specifically point to “Operation Mockingbird”, which according to numerous reports, alleges to have been a major covert project by the CIA since the 1950’s – and of which objective it was to influence and manipulate the Media for purposes of propaganda.

And so indeed, history has throughout the many past wars of our world repeatedly proven the immense value and advantages of a deliberate and very organized “propaganda campaign”. Propaganda had been used all of the time to deceive the enemy, but also to “manage perception” among public opinion.

Only the very naïve would therefore deny the possibility that many Media Houses and News Channels in existence today are not influenced by, run by or in some cases, owned by certain Intelligence Agencies – the objective of which is to push a particular narrative or agenda into the public domain.

The anatomy of lie and of that what it will take to “sell it” to the public is in fact very simple:

“Make the lie big……………. repeat it often and all the time by persons or entities that have credibility within society……………………and then people will eventually start to believe it. Where and when someone dares to question the official narrative, you simply name, shame or mock them in the public sphere by labeling them in the media as “mentally unstable” and/or a “conspiracy theorist”.

Is this not exactly what we are seeing happening in the Main Stream Media today?

Let us consider the following possibility: Those persons “behind the curtain” who wish to peddle their lie may use for their purposes a big News Network that is watched all over the world and by millions of people. They will have those handsome/beautiful presenters with their flawless skin, perfect hair and super-white “Hollywood-teeth” to present the false narrative as fact and by quoting “unnamed sources”. Those presenters appear to be intelligent and believable. The false narrative will be repeated throughout that day, in following days and even in following weeks. And to give even more “credibility” to that false narrative, they will have as guests on their show one “expert panel” after the other.

The poor viewer that watches the Main Stream News  on the television does not stand a chance. After all, who is he, the viewer? In his/her own mind probably a nobody – whereas and on the television there  are all these “beautiful” and “intelligent” people who talk with “great authority” on the particular subject. They must therefore be right, yes?

So that is then the process of how the “lie” is made believable and spread throughout the world in only a few minutes.

The general public has over decades become so lazy, brainwashed and gullible and eagerly drinks the “cool aid” that is offered to them by these “mighty” News Channels. Sadly, many people have simply lost their ability to question and to think logically for themselves…………… whereas others are simply hiding in the corner and being too “terrified” to even speak up.

Here are then the simple facts of the matter:

The World is in very serious trouble. We are being deceived by many things and particularly by those in positions of power and of who are being referred to as the “Global Elites”. We are at this time very quickly being pushed into a global structure of total enslavement and of which is being “sold” to us as something that will be very good for mankind. If the ordinary citizenry of the World does not “wake up in time to smell the coffee”, we will very soon now be overcome by the absolute “DESPAIR” that is upon us.

“Foolishness” is in fact the one particular evidence that most humans have succumbed to their defiled and sinful nature…………..and it is only a “Fool” who will continue to ignore the numerous warning signs about that which is to come next.

 “The natural person does not accept the things of the Spirit of God, for they are folly to him, and he is not able to understand them because they are spiritually discerned.” (1 Corinthians 2:14, Bible Scriptures)

Martin Hall, Foundation President