(An open Letter to our Global Leadership)

We are today living in very dangerous times. The hyenas are circling and we have jackals right at our doors.

Forgive me for being straight forward and very blunt on this particular subject, but may I just ask: “What on earth are you doing and how come all of you continue to make mistakes that will undoubtedly go down in history as amongst the most stupid ever?”

I am not writing this letter out of arrogance or in order to insult you, but rather from a position of humility and because our organization, the “Noble African Foundation”, harbours a sincere care for the wellbeing of all of mankind, regardless of race, religion, country of birth, ethnicity or the colour of their skin.

You are our supposed global leaders; we entrust you to make decisions and to implement policies that is in our best interest; you are supposed to set and lead by example; you were regarded as the best amongst us and are to be full of intellect and wisdom.

But something has gone terribly wrong. You have gone wrong. There seems in fact to be something very wrong with all of you.

These days it seems to be normal human behavior to turn something that is “Relatively Simple” into something so “Dramatically Complex”. Political Correctness and your obsession to remain at the “government feeding troughs” are clouding your ability to think logically and to act rationally.

There are continued confrontation, wars, violence and death all around us. In this regard you fly in government sponsored jets from meeting to meeting all over the world…………………and talk, talk, talk…………but with no apparent results, except for increasing your massive carbon footprint. Where is all the action?

There is a Clear and Present Danger that exists in the world today – but despite your efforts, things are just becoming worse and worse.

What has then become obvious even at this beginning of 2016 – is that the world is in utter turmoil, and that chaos is visible all around us. Much of this can be absolutely blamed on all of you, and particularly on the poor decisions that you have made.

Most of you are stumbling from one crisis situation to the other like a bunch of “drunken fools”. You have become lost in your own “self-importance” and have been seduced by the “lust for power”.

You have forgotten that you have been “elected by the people……….for the people………..and that you are supposed to serve the best interest of the people”. But you now find yourselves in some kind of “ global elite click of the chosen few” – looking after only your own interest and that of your pals – not caring about what happens to the ordinary citizens of the world.

Why is it that we, the ones who had elected you into government for the purposes of governing, must now fear you? Have you now turned against us? Are you now regarding us as your enemy…………..just because we are questioning your very peculiar actions and behavior?

You continue to bring out more and even tougher secrecy laws every other day – just so to hide from us that what you are doing. Why is that? Are we beneath you? Do you not regard us as intelligent or important enough for you to share with us that what you are busy doing? Were we not the ones who had elected you?

And why do you continue to spy on us, your own citizens – spending billions of dollars on personnel and equipment that could easily have been directed elsewhere and to help alleviate the plight of the many millions of hungry and poor throughout the world? Why are you increasing government censoring and classification of information, and why do you continue to manipulate the media to sell us propaganda?

You are supposed to be older and wiser – but instead you remind me of a bunch of “naughty boys playing with dangerous toys”. In this case those very toys being, nuclear missiles and other weapons of mass destruction – and for which the Global Risk Evaluation Matrix of the Noble African Foundation shows the Time Clock for the Nuclear Annihilation of our Planet standing precariously close to “one minute to midnight”.

That is right – more than 100 countries are currently having mass war exercises and readying their troops……..flexing their muscles and trying to intimidate their neighbors with their military might.

Nuclear arsenals are being modernized and missile batteries, warships, bomber planes and submarines have been moved into strategic positions. Some countries are spending almost two thirds of their national budget on their military…………while millions of their own citizens can’t even afford food or health-care.

Other countries are now openly threatening each other with pre-emptive tactical nuclear strikes…………..and in such a “by-the-way-manner” that you would surely think they are just having a friendly chat at a football match.

So too can any one of the following and at any moment serve as the immediate spark to set off a Thermal Nuclear World War 3:

  1. The situation in Syria;
  2. The situation in Yemen, Turkey and other parts of the Middle East;
  3. The situation in Ukraine;
  4. The situation in the South China Sea;
  5. The situation with North Korea;
  6. ISIS and the increase in Radical Islamic Jihadi / Terrorism.

Sides have been picked and alliances have been formed. What can be seen clearly is an immediate and very dangerous stand-off between the USA and its allies and Russia and its allies. The East versus the West. Back to the days of the Cold War………………just much more dangerous this time around, as the nuclear annihilation of our entire planet is now a real possibility. Strategic moves on the “global chessboard of geopolitics” have in recent months been played and the “table” has now been set for a global showdown that can only lead to one thing: Armageddon

But all of that for what? To achieve more money, more power……………lucrative oil deals……………….or does it have something to do with the fact that a certain “group of people behind the curtain” are pulling all the strings and that they are pushing for “total world dominance by land, air, sea, space and cyber-space; total control of the global financial system and total control of the world’s mineral resources??

In other words, forming a global dictatorship under the guise of a “New World Order”………… such being sold to us as something that is best for mankind…………..but where in fact it will once again only serve the interest of the chosen few?

It is not clear what the actual End Game is here, and we can certainly speculate about that all day long.

Forgive me for saying so, but it seems that the biggest immediate threat to our very future existence, are in fact the stupidity as being displayed and implemented by our own governments.

Did you so quickly forget the age-old saying that: “Power Corrupts and that Absolute Power Corrupts Absolutely?” Do you not know that the chasing after money and power is as futile an exercise than what it is to be “chasing after the wind”?

You are carrying on like a bunch of testosterone filled men who are having some kind of “spitting contest” between yourselves – and of which would have been just fine, had it not been for the fact that those very actions will have far-reaching, devastating and very detrimental consequences to every citizen of this world.

Your convenient “labeling” of those amongst us – that have awakened and whom are now asking the tough questions – as being either “mad” or “conspiracy theorists” will also no longer suffice.

In this regard I offer you the following definition:

“In the absence of a credible answer being provided in response to a logical question, then the very accusation of someone being a conspiracy theorist has no validity.”

The reality of the matter is that millions of people in world have “woken up” – as from a “deep trance” – and that they are now all starting to ask the same questions: “What on earth is going on all around us and what are our global leaders doing about it”.

It is very obvious that the world is “grossly over-populated” and that even nature has begun to revolt against us human beings due to the total disrespect with which we have treated the planet.

The world of 2016 is indeed in a crisis, and the following are just a few more critical challenges that we are facing today:

  1. Job losses and jobs scarcity;
  2. Decrease in industry and private corporations;
  3. Millions of people losing their homes and unable to feed their families;
  4. Climate Chaos;
  5. Severe droughts in some parts; Severe flooding in other parts;
  6. Soaring heat temperatures in some parts; Freezing temperatures in other parts;
  7. Significant increase in numbers and severity of storms / cyclones / hurricanes;
  8. Significant earthquakes;
  9. Possibility of direct and devastating asteroid strikes on earth;
  10. Failing crops; Food shortages and water shortages;
  11. Our fish, wildlife and other animal species are dying by the millions for no apparent reason;
  12. Increased famine, plagues and pestilence;
  13. Dramatic increase in strange illnesses and disease outbreaks;
  14. The Dollar being removed as the World’s Reserve Currency and losing its Petro-Dollar status;
  15. A global collapse of the world’s financial system and the stock markets;
  16. Significant civil unrest and rioting throughout the world;
  17. Dramatic increase in terrorist activities throughout the world;
  18. The threat of a all-out Thermal Nuclear War.

The above do not paint a pretty picture, and the list of immediate challenges is by no means exhaustive.

What is further obvious all around us is the absolute moral decay of society. People are hating, robbing, raping and murdering each other like never before in history – and indeed, mankind seems to have completely lost his moral compass………………turned away from God…………..and has chosen to embrace evil. That of course being a very foolish pathway to take, as it will undoubtedly only lead to a place of more death, more carnage, more pain and more suffering.

We have to admit, that we, as a COLLECTIVE people of the world, have failed dismally – and that all of the chaos, pain and suffering that is to come can only be blamed on ourselves.

But it is all so unnecessary – even at this very late stage. We can indeed avoid the inevitable or at the very least mitigate more acceptable consequences: By simply changing our ways………………..and by again becoming good, disciplined, law abiding and God-fearing citizens of the world.

In this regard there are a few Simple Truths to Remember:

Whatever we did in the past did not work!

Whatever we do tomorrow must be different!

We have to change our ways!

There is no more time for delay!

The time to act is NOW!!!!

It may not and certainly will not be easy, but it can be done. The time for oil and other dirty fossil fuels are over. There is no longer a need to go to war over it. We can reverse global warming. We can repair nature and our environment. We don’t have to destroy our rain-forests. And we can achieve a dramatic decrease in the global population numbers without having to instigate a Thermal Nuclear World War 3.

Just in our Noble African Foundation alone we have whole teams of scientists and technologists that have already come up with the solutions to solve much of the mentioned world challenges. And so too are there numerous other organizations out there who offer similar and very credible solutions.

But to do all of this we will need to make a choice – and we will need the political will-power and support from our global leaders.

And let us not fool ourselves: The world is not ready for a Thermal Nuclear World War 3 and the world will not survive such an event.

If I had been given the authority I would immediately order all of you to “stand down” and to “stable your war horses”. Just take pause for a moment and look deeply into your hearts and souls. There is good in there somewhere. Just draw on that goodness and then re-think this current pathway of confrontation and annihilation on which you have put the world. And please discard of those “secret agendas” that you have forged.

Leave your own arrogance, greed and self-importance behind………………..draw on your honesty and integrity……………and focus on implementing only those things that are good for all of the people of the world, nature and the planet in its entirety.

The Noble African Foundation has amongst our primary objectives assumed the task of promoting Global Peace and Prosperity – we are committed to helping you in any way we can. I therefore trust that you will receive this letter in the same spirit that it was written – to promote peace and not war.

Is this world of ours in 2016 really a world that we can one day proudly hand over to our children and their grandchildren? Let us be brutally honest – I think not.

The time has come for a Renewal: We need to Observe, Think and Act with Integrity!

Martin Hall, Foundation President