Today, we are increasingly finding ourselves in a World where nothing makes sense anymore.

Confusion and chaos are visible everywhere around us, and although we are not exactly sure who or what to point the finger at, what is certain is that: SOMETHING IS VERY WRONG IN THE WORLD.

We are surrounded by Violence, Death and Destruction…………and indeed there are Wars raging in certain places…………….whilst in other places there are rumors of War.

But what have also become very apparent are the very signs that nature has begun to revolt against the reckless, inconsiderate behaviour of human beings:

  • There are the obvious and visible effects of Global Warming;
  • Scorching heat, drought and fires in some parts of the world;
  • Freezing weather, ice and enormous amounts of snow in other;
  • Severe storms and flooding in countries formally regarded as desert;
  • Unprecedented number of tornadoes reported;
  • Many thousands of birds are inexplicably falling from the sky – dead;
  • Entire schools of whales, dolphins and other fish are beaching all over the world – apparently determined to commit suicide;
  • Animals are increasingly turning on and attacking humans in a “mad rage”;
  • Strange, eerie sounds in the sky are reported all over the world;
  • Weird cloud formations – some looking like cities – are being observed;
  • Massive sinkholes are appearing all over the world;
  • Entire highways are destroyed without the presence of any earthquake;
  • Increased earthquake activity everywhere on the planet;
  • Several volcanoes angrily starting to spew lava and ash;
  • Land suitable for agriculture is becoming significantly lesser;
  • Land suitable for grazing animals is under threat;
  • The breakouts of strange diseases are visible throughout the world.

The simple question thus being: “How did we as a COLLECTIVE, manage to get things so very wrong?”

And indeed, it seems like just the other day when things throughout the world were so relatively calm…………….with the amazing advancement of science, technology and medicine visible for everyone to see.

It was a time where wealth and prosperity appeared to be the “birth-right” to every living human being – with the peoples of First World Countries basking in extravagant and lavish lifestyles.

And why not – the industrialization and globalization of the world were in full swing.

We were repeatedly told things like: “The sky is your limit”…………..“The world is your oyster”………..and “you can be and become anything you want”. How great did all of that not sound? And how eagerly did we not believe all of it, right?

But we did not stop just there: We soon forgot that we as humans also had a great responsibility – in that we were the custodians of this beautiful planet and of all of the wonders of nature that comes with it…………………..that we had to respect it; that we had to nurture it; and that we had to love and take care of it.

And as such it became more important for us to blow up entire mountains………….polluting rivers……………….digging huge craters in the ground………………drilling holes to the inner core of the earth.

All of that in the simple pursuit of oil, gas, gold, diamonds, copper and other commodities – and thereby causing total underground water systems to be polluted and destroying entire eco-systems, animal and plant life.

And we called all of this progress?

Instead of honouring our responsibility, we chose to no longer acknowledge the very Miracle given to us by God……………….and to rather indulge ourselves in “Greed” – forever pursuing and accumulating more personal wealth, regardless of whom we were “stepping” on and ignoring the blatant criminal manner in which were destroying the planet and nature.

But in all of that euphoria that we found ourselves in, something did indeed go very wrong: We soon forgot what a great blessing it is to be alive; and what a great privilege it is to have residence on this beautiful planet earth…………………and just how great the miracle of nature actually is.

We found ourselves in a “false state of comfort” – during a time when we, the members of the human race, looked to be at the “very top of our game” and appeared to be almost invincible in this, the modern 21’st Century.

How often did we then not find ourselves looking back into history and, with unapologetic cynicism, smile at the “almost modest achievements” and way of life of our fathers and their forefathers?

Thus now, and even at the very beginning of 2016, we find that mankind is hopelessly lost in his own ARROGANCE and that mankind has become drunk with SELF-IMPORTANCE.

We chose to be seduced by this very false belief system, that modern man was indeed now so brilliant and clever, that regardless of what we did unto others, our planet and nature, that we would always find a way to fix things tomorrow.

But how foolish not we were: now just look at all the carnage that we have caused and left around us………………………and at the endless suffering that lies ahead of us.


“A foolish consistency is the hobgoblin of little minds, adored by little statesmen and philosophers and divines.” Ralph Waldo Emerson


Martin Hall, Foundation President