“Today we find ourselves compelled to record in writing the magnitude of the stupidity confronting us every day, for future generations will find it hard to comprehend the absurdity of it all.”

Today is Christmas day; a joyful and festive occasion whereby billions of Christians throughout the World celebrate the birth of Jesus Christ, our Lord and Saviour.

But is this our last Christmas? Meaning is this the last Christmas day which we will be able to celebrate in the traditional manner that Christians had always done so over thousands of years?

I don’t know………… you? But it could be………..our last Christmas………could it not? Because let’s face it, this World of ours is in deep trouble and things simply cannot continue in this manner.

Something has to give.

The World that we are living in today has become a desolate place for the un-Holy and the un-Godly…………..the Biblical “Sodom and Gomorrah” of our modern time. A place filled with people who have turned their backs on God and who openly defy the Commandments that God had instructed mankind to live by.

So instead of choosing for God, people have chosen to embrace Sin – the new normal of our modern, everyday lives – exploiting us with vulgarities, immoralities, perverseness and the complete sexualisation of our society.

They will have you believe that Sin is trendy and sexy……..a harmless necessity in fact. Whereas in reality, it is both addictive and intoxicating…………causing many to be drunk from the pleasures of the flesh…………..and of which such Sin the end result is inevitably: “Death”.

Is it then not sad how short the memories of some people are? The Bible Scriptures clearly illustrates that God has no tolerance for Sin; and how He at the time of Abraham had unleashed His wrath upon the cities of “Sodom and Gomorrah” – by completely destroying it for the Sinfulness of its inhabitants.

The inconvenient reality of the matter, however being, that the Sinfulness of “Sodom and Gomorrah” of Biblical Times is but a tiny “speck of dust” if compared with that which is going on in our modern World of today: A society absolutely consumed by sin!

Sin is indeed the root cause for mankind’s need of Redemption; and it is causing for an on-going breakdown in humanity’s relationship with God.

Would it therefore not be logical to assume that an even greater wrath from God now awaits us? One would certainly think so.

And why is it then today that so many people hate Jesus Christ? What is it that He has ever done to any of us other, but to LOVE us unconditionally, to teach us about being obedient to God and to ultimately sacrifice His own life by the Cross so that we could be freed from Sin? Not a small sacrifice by anyone’s measure.

Once asked about which the greatest Commandment from God was, Jesus answered simply:

“Thou shalt love the Lord thy God with all thy heart, and with all thy soul, and with all thy mind. This is the first and great commandment.  And the second is liked unto it, Thou shalt love thy neighbour as thyself. On these two commandments hang all the law and the prophets.” (Matthews 22:37-40 Bible Scripture)

How very different not could things have been in our World today had we bothered to adhere to and taken to heart those few but very powerful Words from Jesus.

But instead of repenting, going on our knees and begging forgiveness from God, people foolishly continue to choose: To rely on their own strength and abilities; To chase money and power; To worship movie stars, pop stars and other celebrities; To be impressed by the Global Elite; To believe that modern science is the answer to all of our problems; To vote for a Political Leadership that has morphed into a Global Criminal Cabal waging war against us, the ordinary citizens.

So then it is that this “horror movie” of our World and of which is playing out in front of our very eyes today, is fast becoming the scariest movie that we have ever seen. The only problem of course being that it is not a movie……..but very much the reality that we now find ourselves living in..…………and it most certainly is not over. Not by a long shot.

It would therefore be wise to “buckle up” and to “hold on fast”, as that which we have witnessed so far is but only the beginning…………..and things are about to get much worse.

We suddenly find ourselves “smack in the middle” of a “global catastrophe” of our own doing, and whereby the biggest singular threat to the future existence of mankind is the Human Race itself.

We are in fact our own worst enemy. We have over many years been sleepwalking straight into the disaster that has now unfolded; and looming right in front of us is the proverbial “cliff” that spells the “End”.

But what had just happened? How did we get to where we are right now? What on earth have we done? 

Not so long ago – in fact it feels like only yesterday – that the order of the World seemed relatively calm……….at which time most people seemed to have gotten along with each other pretty well………………and whereas a bright future awaited those who were willing to study and work hard.

But how not has everything changed and almost overnight – to a scenario whereby Violence, Political Unrest, Terrorism, Conflict, Wars and indeed total Anarchy have become part of our everyday life.

Take note, however, that all of this did not just happen by chance. It was carefully planned, deliberately engineered and very precisely executed over many years – to a point where “Hell” has now literally descended upon the earth.

And as the veil is being lifted we will find that it is indeed a “Spiritual Battle” between “Good” and “Evil” that is taking place at this very moment. The strategy employed by Evil to conquer mankind is simply to: “Divide and Conquer”; the “weapon of choice” being “Deception”; and the “secret ingredient” to poison the hearts and minds of mankind is “Hatred”.

Indeed almost everyone seems to be carrying hatred in their hearts these days: One Country towards another Country; One President towards another President; One King towards another King; One Prince towards another Prince; One Politician towards another Politician; One Political Party towards another Political Party; One Religion towards another Religion; One Race towards another Race; One Ethnic Group towards another Ethnic Group; One Business towards another Business; One Sportsman towards another Sportsman; One Family towards another Family; Children towards Parents; Husband towards Wife………….and so the list goes on.

Hatred has all but consumed the whole of our society and a quick glance at the current International News will confirm that:

  • Innocent children in school are being gunned down by fellow students;
  • Worshippers going to church are slaughtered;
  • Just going to the local Mall may get you shot;
  • Being in hospital to be treated for an illness may bring you face to face with a crazed gunman;
  • Going “Window Shopping” may result in you being deliberately run over by some “religious freak” behind the steering wheel of a Car;
  • Attending seasonal festivities at your local Town Square or in the Streets may see a Truck run into crowds at high speed in order to maim and murder;
  • Going to a Concert of your favourite Pop Star is a soft target for extremist to inflict deaths in the multitudes by means of explosives;
  • Desperate Women and Children of poorer countries are trafficked for sex;
  • Suicide Bombers are exploding themselves in civilian market places;
  • Missiles from ships and planes are “raining down” on hospitals, churches, weddings and entire population groups;
  • Pedestrians are mowed down by “madmen” armed with axes and knives;
  • Civilians are rising and marching against their governments;
  • Violent riots are the order of the day;
  • Politicians get shot, stabbed and have physical brawls in Parliament;
  • People are beaten up in the street because they support a specific Political Party;
  • Journalists can find themselves murdered inside Diplomatic Consulates;
  • Crime throughout the World is all but out of control.

All of the above examples of Hatred and Violence stand in stark contrast with the message of Love and Peace that Jesus had taught about throughout Bible history – therefore leaving many to suggest that the “Anti-Christ” has finally revealed himself.

In this regard they point out that: God is being banned from schools and universities; To talk about Jesus is a “no-no” and may get you arrested; Crosses are removed from churches and Christians are openly persecuted; There is so much anger everywhere; Everyone is offended by everyone and everything; Everyone seems to be confused about gender; Babies may no longer be called Babies, but should instead be referred to as “Theybies”; Children are to be dressed in “gender-neutral” clothes; One may no longer refer to an audience as “Ladies and Gentlemen” or “Boys and Girls; Parents of children may no longer be referred to as “Father and Mother”, but should instead be called “Caregivers”; Even the child predator paedophiles are insistent to being re-branded in “softer language” as MAPS (Minority Attracted Persons).

A Theatre of the Absurd!!

There seems to be an obvious and great on-going deception in the form of an anti-God campaign – all of which is cleverly camouflaged as “Political Correctness”; driven by certain Main Stream Media and seized upon by an unruly mob of “Social Justice Warriors”.

Also sweeping throughout the World today is an epidemic of Death, Destruction and Despair – all of which are at the most unprecedented levels in history. And so too has Lawlessness and the violent resistance to Order now become the most popular behavioural patterns among the masses.

We are in fact witnessing events that will continue to become more severe and more frequent, until such time that God passes His final judgment upon an un-believing, un-repenting and very sinful World.

But how very interesting it is that, all of these things that we now see happening around us, had already been prophesized about in the Bible more than 2000 years ago? In this regard the Bible warns us that in the “Last Days” just before the “Return of Jesus”, there will come a time upon this earth of great distress – the severity of which the World has never seen before and indeed will never see again. This is also referred to as the “Seven Years of Tribulation” and of which time the Bible gives the following description:

  • There would be an increase in Deception;
  • There will be “False Christ’s” who will deceive many;
  • There will be wars and rumors of wars;
  • Nation shall rise against nation;
  • Kingdom shall rise against kingdom;
  • There shall be famines;
  • There shall be pestilences;
  • There shall be earthquakes in diverse places;
  • There shall be Christian persecution;
  • There shall be an increase in Apostasy (rejection of God and the Bible);
  • There shall be false Prophets;
  • There shall be Lawlessness causing the hearts of many to grow cold;
  • Mankind shall become lovers of themselves.

Do the above not look exactly the same of that which is happening in our World today?

All of the mentioned signs have in fact manifested itself around the World right now and in this very time that we are living in – the Biblical warnings about the “impending doom” therefore could not have been any clearer.

That which had been prophesized about many years ago is now intersecting with the “realities of the today” that we live in.

So maybe this is the End Times or may it is not……………and maybe we are living in the last days or maybe not. None of us can be 100% sure, but it certainly feels and looks that way. Only the foolish will ignore the very obvious warning signs.

Is it not always better to be “safe” than being “sorry”; and to be “prepared” as opposed to being caught “off-guards”?

But all is NOT doom and gloom and there is no point to stress about the inevitability of that which is to come. So therefore and as for today – just for the moment anyway – let us simply rejoice and celebrate the birth of Jesus, our Lord and Saviour.

We can further find comfort by the certainty that Jesus will return to earth – whether today, tomorrow, in ten years or a hundred years from now. The simple reality of the matter is that our World is in desperate need of His Miracle and we will all do better if we strive to become more like Him.

Here below is a link to a most beautiful music video of which depicts the glory of God’s nature and that will calm the soul:

“Jesus said unto him: I am the way, the truth and the life. No one comes to the Father except through Me.” (John 14:6 Bible Scriptures)

Martin Hall, Foundation President