The title of this Article does not propose that our political leaders have literally become aliens – but rather points towards the clear and obvious divide that exists between them and the ordinary citizen on the street.

It references to the fact that, in many cases, our global politicians have lost touch with reality.

There seems to be some kind of “Awakening” going on all over the world, with most people being in agreement that “something is very wrong” – and wanting to know whether we have entered the “Biblical End Times”.

Such being a fair question, as what is now clearly visible everywhere around us, are: wars; threats of wars; rumors of wars; death; destruction; disease; illness; famine; hunger; droughts; floods; earthquakes; hurricanes; volcanic eruptions and the other more obvious consequences of Global Warming.

And yes, to answer those who are still in denial, there had during the entire existence of our world almost always been things like war, earthquakes, disease etc. But what is also  undeniable so, is that never before in history has there ever been such a spectacular confluence of significant events relating to, Nature, Natural Disasters, Wars, Religion, Geo-Politics, Global Economics, Science and Biblical Prophecies…………… all of which had come together at once and at one particular time – such is what is happening now in 2016.

Whether or not we are now living in the “Biblical End Times” may be hard to tell, as very few amongst us are actual prophets who can see into and predict the future. But what is important to understand though, is that we have now entered a time where the World is going to undergo a series of drastic changes in relation to politics, governance, global financial systems, sustainability, jobs and industry, weather and climate, food and water, morally………….and also spiritually.

And it is not going to be easy – that is for sure!

We are indeed living in very challenging times, and there is a Clear and Present Danger that exists all around us today. The most obvious of the dangers that we immediately face of course being:

  • The threat of a Thermal Nuclear World War III;
  • The total collapse of the Global Economic / Financial System

Both of the mentioned threats are of course quite easily avoidable – but it is becoming more obvious every day that putting a stop to these events would not be in everybody’s best interest, and that a certain segment of the “Global Elite” are wanting to use these events towards the realization and implementation of their own secret “Agenda”. Hence there is a clear “reluctance” to put a stop to what is about to unfold.

It therefore comes as no surprise that many people are now stating that almost everyone in the world has gone “completely mad” and that our global political leaders, in particular, have become “utterly stupid”.

Looking at what has been happening in places such as Afghanistan, Iraq, Libya, Syria –  all of which had contributed towards and led to arguably the biggest Migrant Crisis in the history of the World – one would indeed find it hard not to agree with that very sentiment.

However, one would be very naïve to think, that the things currently happening in the world, are simply happening by chance or by accident. History has taught us that global events are plotted and carefully engineered, and furthermore that almost all wars involve a degree of deception.

In this regard it is important to understand that numerous corrupting influences have ascended upon mankind. Great deception surrounds us all and we are on a daily basis being bombarded with disinformation and propaganda. Not all that meets the eye is true, and much of what we have been told had been an outright lie.

One can therefore but only wonder what exactly is going on with the political leadership of the world; to what extent they had orchestrated things; and as to what exactly their “End Game” is. Does it perhaps have something to do with the rumor that, a world with 7 billion inhabitants are grossly over-populated and unsustainable – and that therefore and by some man-made-mechanism, 2 billion of us are soon to die?

These days arrogance, lying and cheating seems to be the acceptable norm amongst our global leaders – and they seem not to care less that the one scandal after the other are unfolding every other day. They clearly view themselves as untouchable.

When they campaign / canvass for our votes, they portray themselves to be decent, religious, family orientated people, who are firmly in-principled with honesty and integrity. But once they are elected to office, they become horribly different people and their whole demeanor towards us, those the very people who had elected them, change. Gone are the plentiful and lovely promises that they had pledged to us prior to election – and instead they turn on us…….treating us like the enemy …………… and suddenly finding it  necessary to bring out even more secrecy laws to hide from us the things that they are busy doing.

When we question this openly, we are branded “anti-establishment” and “revolutionaries”………for which we are either jailed or killed.

So too has it became obvious that some kind of “global elite” had been established over recent years – an exclusive club to which only the lucky “super rich of the world” and a few “very influential political figures” belong. They are the decision makers, and you and I are the expendables. We are not supposed to know what they are doing, planning or what next they have install for us. We have not been invited to the party – period.

But much of the terrible things that are happening in the world today can also be attributed to what is perhaps man’s biggest flaw: Greed – which can only be described as man’s insatiable lust after money and power.

We, the human race, who is supposedly the most intelligent and advanced of all the living species on Earth, is being governed by our own arrogance, vanity, selfishness, aggression and self-importance.

Man has clearly fallen in love with himself and has embraced the false securities of his own abilities. He has chosen to chase after earthly wealth, instead of seeking the heavenly treasures…………..and so too has man decided that it is easier to deny the existence of God than to acknowledge and worship Him.

This particular path that man has chosen, can only lead to one thing: Disaster

Adding to this very woeful state of affairs, is the fact that we have all become enslaved to a critically flawed Global Financial System. A system which was built upon the principles of consumption and debt. In other words, money was created from nothing, without real value or backing attached to it, and injected into a Financial System where governments subsequently and forever have to borrow more money just to service the initial debt – meaning that all the countries in the world are now so indebted that nobody would ever be able to pay such debt off.

The end result being: an inevitable and total collapse of the Global Financial System.

Tough times and hardship therefore awaits most of us in the world and not too far in the distant future either. There seems very little chance that such can be avoided.

So it is then that, during this current period of “Awakening”, many people of the world feel betrayed and have become dismayed, disillusioned, frustrated, upset…………and even downright angry. And thus things like civil unrest and public violence are on the increase in numerous countries.

Many experts therefore feel that our global leaders have failed in their most important duty – to ensure peace and stability throughout the entire world by good governance.

In this regard, even the likes of President Richard Nixon (USA) stated that: “Any change is resisted because bureaucrats have a vested interest in the chaos in which they exist”.

And indeed, things in the world seems to be getting totally out of control and fast. We have entered into a state of “Entropy” – which can be described as the inevitable and steady deterioration of society, towards a system of absolute chaos and disorder.

We can therefore but only pray and hope that our political leaders come to their senses and that they will be brave enough to take those decisions that are in the best interest of mankind. There are undoubtedly still a few good ones out there. It is time for them to stand up and to lead with integrity.

“It may seem that the chaos in the world is accelerating, but so is the beauty in the consciousness of more and more people.” Anthony Kiedis

Martin Hall, Foundation President